H8 Currency Inspection Station

The H8 Currency Inspection Station is designed for currency bills, certificates, exhibits, inspection and analysis to identify needs. Can be directly connected to monitors, TVs and projectors.

Ultraviolet, visible to the infrared wide-band light, top light, three-dimensional edge-lit, light, laser irradiation of a variety of methods, combined with low-pass, Band-pass, high-pass filter that provides full spectral range of analysis capabilities.


  • Dimension: 280x165x260mm
  • Weight: 1.45Kg
  • Power Supply: 110 ~ 220VAC (12V DC 3A)
  • Display: 7-inch (9:16) TFT LCD
  • Image Sensor: full-size 500W pixels, local 520 line HD image sensor with infrared lens without distortion
  • Light Source: white, UV double UV365nm (optional a G5 standard 6W UV tube 253.7nm), top-infrared (850nm, 940nm) Transparent white, transparent infrared light, side white, side infrared light, laser.
  • Magnifier: 3.5 times the primary mirror, the mirror increases to five times
  • Input Interface: S110, S150, S3AB, S510, MG-Video
  • Output Interface: USB2.0, HDMI high-definition TVs, projectors (Video output) (optional)

Field of view:

170 x 128mm (full frame 1:1), 23x16mm (partially 1:30 magnification optional)

12 x 9mm (Differential 1:60 magnification optional)